Global Telco OTT Cooperation Strategies 2018 – Growing revenue through OTT services



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The report highlights the need for telcos to better manage their cooperation strategies with major internet players around the world, or in other words OTT services. The report provides an in depth view of the major OTT players globally and their impact on different regions and verticals such as communications, music, video and social media. Along with this, the report also goes into detail about different telco strategies to either work with or ward off the OTT disruption in their markets. The report provides global, regional and country level insights through case studies of telcos and how they have worked with OTT players. In addition to this, the report also contains historical and forecasted data on the user growth for the OTT industry at a global and regional level. Not only this, but the data also includes key players such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram at a global level. The report will help telcos, MVNOs and vendors better understand the growth in OTT services and how customers are rapidly moving to internet based services. Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes, Bharti Airtel, Instagram, Netflix, China Mobile, Facebook, O2 and Verizon.

Key Features:

OTT user forecasts – Contains data on historical and forecasted data of OTT users by industry from 2018 to 2022. The data is for global OTT users as well across key regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Forecasted growth of key OTT players – Provides data on the historical and forecasted growth of key players in the industry at a global level such as Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix and Spotify.
Over 30 Case Studies – An in depth look at over 30 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
Localizing global case studies – Highlights case studies of exceptional telcos that have been early movers in the industry and also provide a local understanding of the global case studies.
Identifying cooperation strategies- Recommendation for telcos to better work with OTT players in order to find new ways to grow revenue and reduce churn.
Waves of OTT disruption – Highlights the different stages of OTT disruption whilst identifying the current stage and warning of the next level of disruption.

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