Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs in 2016



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The global mobile subscriptions growth is being driven by increased subscriptions in Asia and African countries. With the declining voice revenues, the telcos increasingly focusing on data driven-which is expected to account for higher ARPU contribution in the coming years.

In order to increase the monetization from the existing customers, retain their existing market share owing to increasing competition, the telcos are focusing on retaining their customers through various customer loyalty rograms.

A well designed, planned and executed loyalty program can help the telcos achieve various benefits. Customer loyalty program is one such pillar of marketing strategy and its theory and objective is quite simple. It simply helps the telcos in their business to retain customers and help them get incremental revenues from their existing customer, whilst spending very less on them.

Benefits which can be offered by a customer loyalty program includes- points, benefits, discounts, rewards, free services, upgrades etc. The loyalty program in addition to providing specific loyalty program benefits to the customers, also provides telcos with an opportunity for creation of an open dialog between the customers by offering them with meaningful contacts through their loyalty program offering and marketing communications.

This report “Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs-Building Relationships, Enhancing Competitiveness”consists of 4 major sections namely

―Overview of Mobile Services- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally and on a regional basis, and also includes the comparison of adoption of various technologies.

―Introduction to Customer Loyalty Programs- Provides an overview regarding the customer loyalty program,features to be included in loyalty program, ways to enhance customer loyalty, increasing the effectiveness of customer loyalty programs etc.

―Survey finding of WiseStrokes- Contains graphical analysis of the inputs received from more than 60 telecom operators globally (exclusively for customer loyalty) for the survey conducted by WiseStrokes.

―Customer Loyalty Program of Telcos- Offers detailed overview of the customer loyalty programs of more than 25 mobile operators globally.

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