Global M2M Competitive Landscape of Telecom Operators and Vendors in 2014



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The mobile internet services has been able to provide the telecom services providers, with the much needed thrust for increase in telecom services revenues. This has primarily been driven by increased penetration of mobile telephony services in the emerging regions (like India & China in Asia – Pacific region and select countries in Middle East & Africa region)
owing to availability of smart – phones at affordable ASP. The increased usage of data services in the developed countries has been on account of availability of higher data transmissi on rates driven by deployment of 4G/LTE technologies in the region. The current focus on the M2M services is on the enterprise offering, but the benefits underlying can be used to target the retail customers as well in the near future. The services revenues from Machine – to – Machine (M2M) globally is expected to reach $119.6 billion by 2022 from $45.0 billion in 2013, registering a strong CAGR of 18.0% over the period 2013 – 14, driven by strong growth across the developing countries located in Africa and Asia. The total M2M traffic is expected to reach 563,480 TB per month globally by 2017, with Asia – Pacific region is expected to contribute 38.6% of the total M2M traffic per month (as per Cisco: VNI Mobile Forecast – 2012 – 17). Transport, Utilities, Healthcare, Automotives are the key verticals which the leading operators are currently focussing upon. Globally more than 428 mobile operators across more than 187 countries offered M2M services as in January 2014 ( which is roughly equivalent to 40% of the mobile operators worldwide).

The M2M delivery focus is also witnessing a paradigm shift in focus towards the retail customers (B2B2C and B2C) from the enterprise customers (B2B). Additionally, new innovative value proposition, product innovations, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships & alliances, specific business & engagement approach and specific geography focus are some of the other key trends being witnessed for the M2M offerings by mobile operators and vendors. The report highlights the M2M offerings and detailed overview , the approach and methodology adopted by the leading telecom operators and technology vendors, to leverage the existing and potential M2M opportunities. It also includes information related key contracts in M2M, partnerships & alliances, new product launches and mergers & acquisitions in a summarized format. Select case study snapshots have also been provided to highlight as to how M2M offerings catered to the requirements of the clients and benefitting them.

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