Global Telco Innovation Stars 2018 : Bringing in a new era of telecoms services and revenue



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The telecoms industry is under a fair bit of pressure to grow revenue and remain competitive for communications services. In an era such as this there is a strong need for telcos to push themselves to innovate, to not only challenge each other in the market but also to challenge themselves and evolve the market towards more sophisticated digital services. The report identifies telcos who have managed to innovate in various areas. The report provides insights on telcos that have done well to innovate in infrastructure or network, their customer care function, the manner in which they deal with enterprises or their customer focussed services or pricing and bundling. In each of these cases, the telco has set themselves apart from the crowd. The report therefore also looks at the global telco revenues, from 2014 and forecasts total revenues till 2020. The report also splits telco revenues by data and voice revenues, and quantifies the manner in which data has overtaken voice revenues. This further heightens the need for telcos to innovate in their services. The report throws light on various interesting areas of telco services, across AI, connected car, smart cities, mobile finance and even telco driven media services. The final component of the report has a heavy focus on case studies, looking at over 30 telco case studies from around the world and assesses not only the service profiled, but the overall capabilities for innovation of the telco. Finally, the report provides insightful recommendations and an overall assessment of the opporunties that exist for telcos to innovate in the telecoms industry.
Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, Verizon, China Mobile, MTN, Deutsche Telekom, Singtel and AT&T.

Key Features:

Pillars of Innovation- Outlines the main pillars which drive innovation along with this, the report also highlights telcos that have been first movers in certain fields, either through their own services or partnering.
Opportunity Areas – Analysis of the key growth areas on a regional level, the report also looks at a vertical based analysis where telcos can innovate, whether its in customer care, AI or the IoT space.
33 Telco Case Studies – An in depth look at 33 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
The New Age Consumer – – An understanding of how the consumer has evolved, which services are being used by a digital native and how a telco must go about innovating in order to keep pace with this new age consumer.
In depth country coverage – Analyzes the innovation strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.
Revenue Forecasts – Forecasts total telco revenue from 2014 right till 2022 at a global level along with a split for total revenue by data and voice revenues, also at a global level.
Telco Innovation Scores – Quantifies the level of innovation for key telcos across the world, not only in the highlighted service area but at a macro level.

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