Global Telco B2B Insights 2018: Working with Enterprises for Revenue Generation



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The report focuses on a revenue growth area for telcos particularly in the B2B or enterprise market. One of the biggest gainers in the telecommunications industry has been in the B2B vertical as there is greater demand from businesses for tools and communications services that can be provided by telcos. The rapid growth of sensor technology, connected devices and internet based telephony has not only created efficiencies in business but has opened a vast new area for telcos to provide services. The report looks at three pillars of B2B services,connectivity provision, communication services and value-added services. Several telcos that specialize in B2B services focus on the provision of good quality and economical data access services, but as the demand has grown, we are seeing a greater number of telcos which are also creating platforms for specific B2B services. The report also focuses on the growth of new technologies that will drive this industry forward namely IoT services, location enabled services and of course virtualization of the network, machine learning and AI. The final component of the report is a heavy focus on case studies, looking at 35 telco case studies from around the world that have either been successful in winning the B2B market or provide good learning experiences for other players. The report along with looking at telco case studies also casts an eye on the vendor market as vendors are very closely related to the B2B space, they work with telcos to ensure the enterprise market is well served.

Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, Verizon, China Mobile, MTN, Claro, Singtel and AT&T.

Key Features:

Primary components of the B2B space- Insights into the B2B space and what it primarily composes of, the fundamental pillars on which telco have been offering services and their subsequent evolution.
B2B Growth areas – Analysis of where enterprise growth is coming from and particularly what is driving this in which markets, in some markets enterprise bundles are in demand, whilst in some, there is a push for network hosting services.
35 Telco Case Studies – An in depth look at 35 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
Communication services – A look at how communications have evolved for the telco in the B2B vertical and how, that was a mere stepping point for telcos to launch a whole host of value-added and advanced services.
In depth country coverage – Analyzes the loyalty strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.
Localizing global case studies – Highlights case studies of exceptional telcos that have been early movers in the industry and also provide a local understanding of the global case studies.
Partnering with vendors – recommendations on how to choose the right partner in providing enterprises with relevant services and which vendors have done well in a range of verticals.

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