Global Telcos Bundling & Combo Plans Strategies 2021-TOC – Innovative Converged Offerings in 5G Era


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Report Overview

This research report has covered in-depth over 55 telcos and has summarized not only their bundling and converged plans strategy but has also looked at how some of these telcos have evolved in the Covid-19 times. The report briefly explains how the Telco-OTT convergence has resulted in monetization for service providers and benefitting the end users as well. The report provides insights on telcos from around the world and pin points how their bundling strategy differs from the rest. The report has also provided commentary on the enterprise side of things, and how some telcos create plans specifically for the business user. Other than this, the report looks at the growing role that lifestyle services and IoT play in the creation of a bundle. It touches upon the need for customization and a range of local internet partners that enable telcos to quickly widen their service portfolio. Finally, the report provides insightful recommendations and an overall assessment of the opportunities for telcos in the bundling space. It also helps telcos to benchmark themselves based on what other telcos are doing in different parts of the world.­­

Key Features:

Digital Services: Studies the growth of digital services, particular that of lifestyle services and their role in the consumer facing bundle. Most countries from across the world are increasingly focusing their bundle around digital services.

Over 50 Telcos & OTT Strategies: A summary of what a telco is doing in a particular market and what the key components of the bundle comprise of along with the intended result of the bundle.

Bundling Highlights: A summary of various partnerships of telcos with OTT
providers to better work in the global market.

Growth Areas: Analysis of the key growth areas on a regional level, and also identifies which bundles are doing well in which regions.

55 Telco Case Studies: An in depth look at 36 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.

Consumer Versus Enterprise: An understanding of how telcos look at creating consumer facing bundles as well as a discussion on what needs to be different for the enterprise customer.

In depth country coverage: Analyzes the innovation strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.

Vision 2021: Forward looking statements on things to come in the market, especially as there is greater focus on topics such as smart home, connected car, AI. The report looks at how these services are making their way into the bundle.

Bundling Highlights: A summary of what a telco is doin­­­­­g in a particular market and what the key components of the bundle comprise of along with the intended result of the bundle.

Pages: 209 Publish Date : August 2021

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