VAS 2.0: Creating Sustainable Value Telco VAS Strategies from Around the World



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Telco Value Added Services (VAS) have come a long way since the 1990s, when they were simple infotainment-based services. The VAS of today stands tall as a *growing revenue channel for telcos* and is no longer a short run range of services, but looks to be long term sustainable services in their own right. The onslaught of digital services have given *VAS the disruption it needed to come of age*. The report provides an understanding of how VAS is set to mature and which aspects of VAS are the ones that telcos should focus on. The report provides insight on the growth areas for VAS and how they differ from region to region. Along with this, the report also provides an overview of the *hot tech in VAS* and how telcos can use these to *keep their VAS future proof*. Another important aspect that the report looks at is the role of vendors in the VAS ecosystem, the *report looks at some key vendors *in the space and how they have worked with telcos. The report provides insight on the *enterprise VAS and the B2B space* and how this is rapidly becoming a mainstay for telcos. Finally, the report looks at* 35 case studies *from around globe and picks up different examples of how telcos have implemented value added services. Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes Singtel, China Mobile, AT&T, Zain, MTN, Reliance Jio and Verizon.

Key Features:

Digital Services Trends – An overview of how VAS is no longer simply value added services but more mature digital services that are long term and sustainable.
Hot Technologies – An understanding of the new and emerging technologies that are driving digital services forward and how telcos can leverage these to create monetizable services.
In depth country coverage – Analyzes the VAS strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.
35 Telco Case Studies – An in depth look at 35 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
Growth Opportunities – Analysis of the growing VAS trends and the regions in which they are having the most impact.
Vendor Focus – Enabling the reader to better the various vendors in the market and their service portfolio. The report also emphasizes the importance of partnerships with vendors and OTT players.
Enterprise View – A summary of how telcos can offer more VAS to enterprises and expand their presence in the B2B space.

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