Artificial Intelligence-Transforming Telecom Network Operations, Marketing & Customer Service in 2020






This research report provides comprehensive analysis on the market opportunity, drivers and the challenges affecting the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the telecommunications sector. It discusses the success metrics and the AI application monetization opportunities for Telcos. It also provides detailed use cases of real world AI implementations by telecom companies and highlights the major telecom AI solution providers. The report features over 50+ Telco use cases and vendors.

Key questions answered by the report:

1. What is the current market scenario for telecom AI and the road ahead over the next five years?
2. What is the size of the AI solutions market in the telecom sector?
3. Which are the use cases that will drive the adoption of AI in telecom sector?
4. What are the key drivers for the growth of AI solutions market in the telecom sector?
5. What are the major challenges faced by the telecom companies while adopting AI?
6. Who are the major telecom AI solution providers in the market?

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