Global Telcos CVM Digital Transformation Strategies 2023



This research report provides valuable insights not only on the current customer value management market but also on the key trends that are shaping the digitization of the market. The report covers off the basics of customer value management, the core pillars on which the process should be built on, how value management interacts with customer experience management and of course churn reduction. The report looks primarily at the end user and therefore has a strong B2C focus but also helps to understand how these same principles can be used to improve management of B2B or enterprise users as well. Along with looking at the latest trends, the report goes one step further and studies what disruptions have led to these new age trends in CVM. The report provides a deep insight into CVM Strategies adopted by over 70 prominent Telcos globally. The report tries to enable telcos to better understand competing CVM models and how they can work on improving theirs to suit their subscriber base.
Key Features
Digital Transformation Trends – Studies how digital transformation has impacted the customer value management industry and how telcos have used digital tools not only to produce more sophisticated and accurate results but also to cut costs.
Accelerating Technologies – An understanding of the underlying technologies that have allowed CVM to be widespread and quickly applied by telcos around the world, these include artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and similar such technologies.
In-depth country coverage –  Analyzes the CVM strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.
76 Telco Case Studies – An in-depth look at 76 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
Growth Opportunities – Analysis of what key principles are working at a regional level and pointing out similar strategies employed across some regions.
Digital Consumer Focus – Enabling the reader to better understand the digital consumer, the different and evolving customer touch points, how the customer journey is changing due to the onset of digitalization.
Telco CVM Strengths –  A summary of what a telco is doing in a particular market and which are the key CVM strengths that the telco has displayed

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