Global Telcos Customer Experience Management Strategies 2023



This research report is a comprehensive guide through the complex world of Telco customer experience management and provides an in-depth analysis of CEM strategies adopted by over 100 leading Telcos globally. It looks at emerging trends in the industry and considers key growth opportunities for telcos to differentiate themselves in this hyper-connected world. The report breaks down CEM into various components such as quality of service, customer care and the development of new features and services. The report provides insights into the CEM strategies of various telcos and looks at trending topics such as the growing role played by automation and AI. Along with this the report also highlights some churn management strategies as it is an integral part of the CEM strategy for Telcos. The report looks both at the service side as well as the network side of the CEM process. Along with this, the report also contains detailed case studies of vendors working in different aspects of CEM. The report provides global analysis but also provides recommendations on localizing global solutions.
Key Features

Top 100 Telcos CEM Strategies – A detailed analysis of CEM strategies adopted by over 100 exceptional telcos that have been early movers in the industry providing an understanding of the market challenge and how their proposition helped them improve the CEM strategy.

A Primer for Telco CEM – Highlights the primary attributes that comprise a good customer experience management strategy for Telcos in 5G era

Top trends in CEM – Insights into the main trends that are transforming CEM such as automation, AI, bots, Omni-channel communications and social media.

In-depth global regional coverage – Analyzes the varying degrees of customer experience management implemented by Telcos in different regions mainly APAC, MEA, Europe, Americas by providing qualitative and quantitative insights of the region.

Leveraging Telco strengths– Recommendations on the steps that Telcos need to take in order to become significant players in the industry based on tools that are already at their disposal.

Identifying crucial customer touch points – Analysis of the key areas that Telcos need to improve their interaction with the customer. It also looks at how internet-based services are transforming the customer touch points.

Vendor Insights – Lists out the key vendors doing a variety of things in CEM, and provides their strengths and outlook.

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