Global High Value Customers Segment Playbook 2022


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This research report provides in-depth analysis of High Value Customers for
telecom service providers and the strategies adopted by these service providers
for the retention of High Value Customers. The report describes in detail how
telecom operators are inclined towards providing converged offerings to High
Value segment to retain as well as acquire new High ARPU subscribers. The report
provides a very detailed regional analysis and covers all the major Telecom
operators in APAC, NA, Latin America, Europe and MEA which further highlights
behavioral and service usage patterns by subscribers in different parts of the
world. The report will help Telecom Operators to learn strategies to identify,
retain, acquire and nurture their high value segment.
Key Features
 Key Growth Areas- Analysis of the key factors in retention and acquisition of
High Value Customer segment
 Over 106 Telcos High-Value Customer Strategies: More than 106 Mobile
Operator covered in great depth for offers and strategies of retention, growth
and acquisition of High value customers
 Global Market Coverage- A brief analysis from all regions like APAC, Middle
East, Africa, North America, Latin America and Europe with a well-represented
balance in each region.
 Customer Loyalty – Discusses role of loyalty and factors influencing Loyalty
boost in subscribers
 Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) – Role of Customer Lifecycle
management in identifying and retention of high value segment customers
 Customer Segmentation & Churn – Understanding various subscriber types
and detailed churn analysis
 Recommendations & Conclusion – High Value Segment Research Objective
and recommendations & way forward for Telecom Service Providers

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