Global Impact of OTTs on Telcos & Forecast : 2010-2017



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The increasing penetration of the affordable smartphones and popularity of the mobile internet has impacted the modern day communication methodology in a grand manner. The increasing tendency of the people to stay connected with each
other was through normal voice calls and SMS a few years ago. But with the advent of instant messaging services such as GTalk, Yahoo Messenger etc, people started using the internet services to stay communicated irrespective of their location. Sooner, with these applications coming to the mobile devices of the users, further added to the delight of the customers, as it enabled them to stay connected anytime, anywhere. Further, OTT services such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line etc enabled the users to exchange messages to other fellow users using the same service, thereby reducing their dependency on the SMS services. Also, the services such as Skype, Viber etc enabled the users to make relatively cheaper calls/calls free of cost amongst the people using the same services. This has further dented the services of the telcos, who earlier were already facing problem of declining revenues owing to competition. The traditional revenues sources such as SMS and voice services, also seems to be dented owing to these OTT services, which
primarily leverages the internet/mobile data network. These OTT services has impacted the network bandwidth of the telcos, owing to huge traffic generated through these services, which has not much impacted the revenue margins of the

With the advent in technology and ever increasing demand from the users, Over the top (OTT) market and OTT service providers continue to witness new level of innovation from major OTT service providers which includes Netlix, Nimbuzz,
Facebook, Google and other OTT messengers such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line etc. The increasing popularity of these services is driven by factors such as increasing penetration of smart devices and mobile broadband services at affordable pricing. Also, since these services are available at relatively cheaper/almost free of cost as compared to the traditional SMS and voice services offerings has further led to the popularity of these services. Over the coming years, these services are gaining increasing adoption in the emerging regions such as Latin America and Asia-Pacific
region. Most of the customers across these regions are driven by the social activity and ability to interact with their peers and these experiences of the users are being translated to various devices including tablets, PCs, smartphones etc. This report on the OTT service providers provides an insight about the impact of OTT service on the revenues of the telcos. It also provides an overview of the various of the various strategies of the telcos and the various categories of the OTT players. Further, the report provides brief profiles of the OTT service providers
including their overview, strategy, partnerships and pricing details, wherever applicable. The report also contains a section of the partnerships & alliances of these OTT service providers with the telcos and product launches. Selective case studies have also been provided for select OTT messaging service providers.

Report Features:

An insight about the impact of OTT service on the revenues of the telcos.

Strategies to be adopted by Telcos for the OTTs as well as information related to strategy and pricing approaches of OTT messaging services providers included in profiles wherever applicable

Profiles of leading 10 OTT service providers primarily the OTT messaging service providers including details of their pricing, strategy wherever applicable

Additionally, it contains details of Key Partnerships between OTTs and Telcos, Product launches by OTTs over the past 18 months across all key geographies on a global basis

Select case study snapshot leading OTT messaging service providers, as to how companies got benefitted by their service offerings/promotions

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